A Movement Of ‘Sent Out’ Missionaries

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First of all, Jesus Youth is a “Movement”, not an organisation. Although we need to organise things, it’s a movement of “grace” so let the Holy Spirit organise things for us. We can do our best but we only respond to grace. Sometimes we do so much that we haven’t got much room to consult Jesus about what He wants, so it starts in grace.

Secondly it is a “Missionary” movement. The word ‘missionary’ is like the word ‘apostle’ and the disciples are sent out. So we are a “sent out” movement not a “sent in” movement. So let’s keep that always in mind, that all our activities are expressions of a missionary movement. The light on the hill top and the salt of the earth as Jesus is sending us out is like when He went back to heaven at the ascension saying “go out to all the world and proclaim the good news and remember I am with you till the end of time”. Therefore it (Jesus Youth) is a missionary movement.

Thirdly we are people of “Service”. We are not here for money, we are not here for fame, we are not here to make it successful. These are words we can use in a corporate world but they are undignified to use for the activity of the Lord. So when we say service, we imitate Jesus at the last supper where he unexpectedly got up on his knees and started washing their feet. Where we are foot washers, you and I are descendants of foot washing ancestry. So we are servants, servants of the lord Jesus. As He became the servant of God the Father, we become the servant of the Father. We imitate Jesus the Servant King.

Last of all, “Church”. We do this in the heart of the Catholic Church. St Therese of Lisieux said that her deepest vocation was to be loved at the heart of the Church and I’m sure all of us can say that. We are to be the love of God in the heart of Church .We Catholics believe that the Church is the body of Christ, not might be, not could be, not looks like…No! It is the body of Christ in its fullness. There are believers of God everywhere, creations and other religions, other Christians. Yet we believe in a Church founded by Jesus Christ and the Church is the servant of Kingdom of God.

So this is my message for today. I offer you the four words of the Jesus Youth movement of the world which is a dynamic force as this has been given to us through the vision of 25 years and it may continue in the future that we are the movement of grace, we are missionary, we are sent out people, we are servants of God who is a Servant King, and we do that in the heart of the Church, which we often call the sacrament of the Catholic Church and most particularly in the sacraments and in the leadership of the Church we find it mostly expressive.

I want to finish off by saying this afternoon; you have two Bishops here, myself and Bishop Thomas. Don’t take it for granted, a Bishop is a successor of the apostles. I’ve got a lot to do and lot of activities as you have as a missionary, but I want to make this a priority so that you feel much close in the heart of the Church. The Bishop is the centre of unity.
So as we are on the beautiful jubilee airways everybody, this is your Bishop saying enjoy the flight.

The Most Reverend Christopher Prowse,

[Message given by Bishop Christopher Prowse to Jesus Youth on the Jubilee Celebrations Finale’ on December 4, 2010]

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