Message: Fr Alex Vickers OP, Pastor, JY Adelaide

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Almost 12 months ago, I had the opportunity to join with many JY members from around the world at the International Animators Training, happening at the same time when the Fulltimers Training was being held. We had many opportunities to come together for prayer, reflection and sharing meals. Indeed, a rich time.

As we celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, (Corpus Christi), I thought back to this time in Thailand, so much of what we did was centred around the Eucharist. The meals we shared were reflection of the Eucharistic Meal. Our time in the presence of the Lord in Adoration flowed from the Mass. Our celebration each day of the Eucharist gave us a focus and strength that only comes from the Lord.

Many communities around the world do not have the opportunity to celebrate Mass each week, and in some cases even once a month or less. In this part of the world we can almost take it for granted that Mass will always be there. Sometimes it is only when we are deprived of something that we come to understand its real value.

May every meal, every gathering of community every time of prayer deepen our love and longing for the great gift that the Lord left us – His Body and Blood to feed, strengthen and sustain us as we journey together towards His kingdom.

Fr Alex Vickers OP,
Jesus Youth Adelaide

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