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The Rexband, the musical outreach of Jesus Youth, is one of the premier contemporary Christian bands. The band has performed widely, across India and in many parts of the world, over the last 20 years. It has also brought out a dozen albums. The signature sound of the band is a fusion of contemporary pop and Indian classical music. It was the first band from India to be invited by the Holy Father to perform for the World Youth Day. Recently, its music was featured in the best Catholic Music for 2009 collection released by Rocking Romans Inc. in the USA. To know more about the band, visit


The thin, often misunderstood line between a Music Ministry or a Choir and a Rock Band is what we call the crux of MasterPlan. We’re probably the Band which is a staple around these parts for any Conference, Retreat, or Jam night, fitting well with the times even though at some point we all unanimously wished of existence in 60’s era when music and peace supposedly coexisted – we probably would have felt more at home then than now. Now let’s get this straight. We dare not pump up guitar overdrives and hit harder and call it Thrash or play some random clueless chords and call it Jazz. The staple of MasterPlan has always been CCM (Christian Contemporary Music), and crossover. In plain secular terms, we (try) do music to uplift the soul in genres of clean country acoustic Rock, Reggae, Gospel and maybe even R&B and playable pop.

Wish to serve the Kingdom of God using the gift of music?

Jesus Youth Australia has teams in each region that cater to the musical needs of each region for regular gatherings and events. If you have a talent in music and wish to join one of our music teams to serve the Kingdom of God, then get in touch with us today.